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Turbine Org was a monster in Power Rangers Wild Force.


Early LifeEdit

The Rangers had been battling Turbine Org before the beginning of the series. They once chased him on the roof-tops through Turtle Cove however he got away. ("Never Give Up")

Wild ForceEdit

Tubrine Org was battling the Wild Force rangers and struggling however was saved when Plug Org appeared to help. Turbine Org then escaped, during which he was spotted by Toxica and Jindrax which alerted them that Master Org had returned. Turbine Org and Plug Org then worked together and attacked Turtle Cove however were met by the rangers. The two battled the rangers however when Plug Org was destroyed Turbine Org retreated. He was met by Toxica who gave him the power to enlarge so he could be stronger however he was destroyed by the Wild Force Zords. ("Lionheart")