Squatt is one of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's servants and Baboo's dimwitted sidekick. His suit is worn by Minoru Watanabe and he is voiced by Michael Sorich.

He has served Rita over ten thousand years ago, but was imprisoned in her space dumpster along with her, Baboo, Goldar and Finster until two spacemen opened the dumpster. He often went down to Earth with Baboo.

He later fled the Moon when the Machine Empire forced Rita and Zedd off and later had to give up trying to fight the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zeo Rangers and leave Earth.

He later participated in Dark Specter's United Alliance of Evil's war with good, battling on Earth, but was either purified or turned to dust when Andros released the Z-Wave.


Squatt was a short, blue-skinned hobgoblin with a large horn. He wore metal armor, and looked like a mix between a blueberry and a warthog.


Squatt is rather excitable, and may act like an eagar child when Rita has a plan, or when the Rangers are having trouble in a battle. Squatt was easily frightened by his bosses' bad tempers. Squatt was a coward and, rather than fight, he along with Baboo, would accompany Goldar, Scorpina and monsters as they attacked the Earth and cheer them on. However, he often went to Earth when there was no fight going on because his main duties were acting as a spy and saboteur.