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Retinaxe was the bodyguard of Master Org in Power Rangers Wild Force.


Early LifeEdit

Retinaxe was the bodyguard of Master Org 3000 years ago. He swore that he would protect his master however Master Org was destroyed in the great battle. Retinaxe spent the next 3000 years wandering the Earth in shame. ("Soul Bird Salvation")

Wild ForceEdit

Retinaxe was found by Toxica and Jindrax who told him that Master Org had returned. Toxica hoped to bring him to Master Org so that he could confirm her suspicions, that Master Org was not the same as 3000 years ago, however Retinaxe wished to battle the rangers so that he could redeem himself for his master. He battled the rangers with the help of Freezer Org and had them rendered powerless however the Soul Bird egg hatched in time to help the rangers. The rangers gained back their power and fought Retinaxe until he was near death. Retinaxe turned ruthless, attacking everyone including Toxica and Jindrax, and told the rangers that he would kill them or die trying. The rangers blasted him in the Megazord and believed him to be destroyed as a mountain of rocks collpased on him. However Retinaxe emerged from the rocks to find Master Org standing over him. Retinaxe asked who he was and Master Org responded by destroying him. ("Soul Bird Salvation")