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Master Org was the Best Main Villain in Power Rangers Wild Force.

Summary for Master Org  of Wild ForceEdit

Power Rangers Wild ForceEdit

Toxica  and Jindrax  make their way to Master Org in the Nexus where he orders them to begin recruting Orgs so that they can rule the Earth again. Jindrax and Toxica are surprised to see him again, since he was destoryed in the battle 3000 years ago, and Toxica expresses some suspicion as Master Org seems different. (Episode 2: Darkness Awakening)

Master Org explains that the pollution caused by humans has made the Earth so weak that the Orgs can rise again and this time they can rule the world forever. Master Org continues to order Toxica and Jindrax to recruit Orgs however The Wild Force Rangers continue to defeat them. (Episode 3: Click, Click, Zoom)

Princess Shayla is taken by Toxica and Jindrax to a cavern where Master Org demands her to open the cavern's power however she explains that only the chosen protector of the power can open it. Master Org angrily blasts the cave and leaves however Alyssa arrives and the power opens for her, an Elephant Wildzord. (Ancient Awakening)

In the Nexus Toxica believes she smells human and follows the scent to Master Org's room where she peeps in and sees him adjusting his horn. Toxica looks startled and runs off. Master Org hears her footsteps and runs to the door shouting "Who's there?". (Wishes on the Water)