Identity Crisis
May 4, 2002
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Flash sideways
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"Identity Crisis" is the 14th episode of Wild Force.


As Zen Aku begins to remember his past, Nayzor plants a bug in his head, which convinces him that he is pure evil. The spirit of Animus, ancestor of the Wildzords, appears and attmepts to get Zen Aku to remember while Cole makes a surprising discovery about a small wold club.


Act IEdit

On the Animarium the rangers are sitting in defeat as Princess Shayla approaches them, telling them that she has never seen them like this. Alyssa tells her that they let Zen Aku beat them however Cole tells her they will get

The rangers feel defeated.

the crystals back so to not be discouraged. Max asks how they can do that when Zen Aku now has more zords than they do however Cole tells him that sticking together is all that matters, Danny reminds Max of what he taught him: 'never give up'. Max stands, with a new attitude, and tells the rangers they should go and get their crystals back. The rangers all stand, felling more confident.

Zen Aku is sleeping, dreaming of when the Ancient Warriors attacked him.

Zen Aku finds the cub.

Zen Aku awakes suddenly as a wolf cub runs over to him. Zen Aku picks the cub and tells it that it seems familiar. Zen Aku then has a flash of a man washing in the river as the cub swims in the river around him

The rangers run through the forest until they get to the tomb where they first met Zen Aku. Cole says that Zen Aku must be here somewhere.

In the Nexus Master Org tells Nayzor that Zen Aku is becoming very powerful but also close to remembering. Master Org orders Nayzor to ensure that this

Toxica and Jindrax attack with their Putrids.

doesn't happen as Nayzor tells him that he has an idea on how to handle it. The rangers run through the woods, looking for Zen Aku, however are suddenly blasted to the ground. They look to see Toxica and Jindrax with a small army of Putrids. Toxica says that they at last have them all to themselves and so her and Jindrax can destroy them and get the credit they deserve, as she orders the Putrids to attack however they are suddenly blasted by Zen Aku. Toxica grunts in frustration as Zen Aku approaches, telling them that the rangers are his. Zen Aku jumps at Cole and the two begin battling. Jindrax shouts that they aren't going to let Zen Aku hog all the glory as Taylor jumps over and kicks him down. Toxica and Alyssa begin fighting as Toxica slashes her to the ground with several hits from her staff. Max and Danny fight off the Putrids, kicking them around easily. Meanwhile as Zen Aku and Cole fight, Zen Aku tells him that he has waited 3000 years for his revenge as Cole tells him that he feels sorry for someone who only knows anger. Zen Aku tells him that he will show him anger as he blasts him to the ground and prepares to strike him again, however Taylor blocks him and blasts Zen Aku down. Taylor tells

Zen Aku attacks Toxica and is then shot by Cole.

Cole that this is their chance as they both jump at him together, causing Zen Aku to fall into the shrubs. Cole says it's time to finish this as he aims his Lion Blaster at Zen Aku however he stops as the wolf cub runs over to Zen Aku. Zen Aku tells the cub to leave as Max falls beside them. Toxica aims her staff at Max and blasts however as Max jumps out the way the blast hits the cub, and the cub runs away frightened. Zen Aku looks at Toxica with her anger and slashes her with his blade, then kicking her to the ground. Zen Aku goes to attack her more however is blasted by Cole. Toxica gets up as Jindrax shouts how dare Zen Aku attack them and that he will pay for it, the two Duke Orgs then retreat. Zen Aku runs over to the cub, telling it that he will not let anyone harm it, and runs away with it in his arms as Cole shouts after him.

Act IIEdit


Zen Aku has a vision of Animus.

Zen Aku bandages up the cub, telling it that it will be as good as new. When the cub lies down beside Zen Aku, he asks why doesn't want to leave and concludes that it must be without friends like him . Suddenly Zen Aku has a flash of the Ancient Warriors in the Great Battle and Animus watching over them. Zen Aku shakes his head and asks why he is having these memories.

Back at the Aniarium Danny asks why Zen Aku would suddenly turn on Jindrax and Toxica as Max asks what was up with his attachment to that dog. Cole then tells them that he has seen the cub before, at the last new moon, when it was swimming with a man who was bathing in the river. Cole tells them that he noticed the cub was half wolf and the rangers look puzzled at what this means.

Zen Aku is standing with the cub however tells it to leave as he points his balde at it. The cub runs away in fear

The Predazord uses the Bear Zords.

as Zen Aku appologises, saying that his path is to eb travelled alone as his destiny is to remain friendless. Zen Aku then says that is is time as he calls for his zords to ascend and combine into the Predazord. He enters the Predazord as the rangers come running over and call for their zords, whcih form the Megazord. The Megazord is knocked over by the Giraffe Zord as Zen Aku exclaims he will take great pleasure in wathcing them be destroyed by their own zords. Zen Aku then calls for the Bear Zords to attach, despite Taylor begging them not to listen, and Zen Aku blasts the Meazord with the fire and ice. Zen Aku preapres to strikes again however the sky flashes with lightening and suddenly Animus appears in the sky. Zen Aku remembers him frm his vision and Animus tells Zen Aku to remember. Zen Aku doesn't understand however Animus dissapears, leaving Zen Aku and the rangers puzzled as to who he was.

Princess Shayla, watching from the Animarium, revelas his name to be Animus.

Act IIIEdit


Master Org orders Nayzor to take care of Zen Aku.

Master Org, watching from the Nexus, wonders where Animus came from as Nayzor tells him that he did not think Animus could return. Master Org informs him that Animarium hasn't really returned, yet. He then points and Nayzor and shouts that he must ensure Zen Aku doesn't get his memory back. Nayzor ensures him that he will.

Zen Aku, playing his music, thinks back to Animus telling him to remember but still doesn't understand what he means. Nayzor appears and tells Zen Aku that he could help, as he knows a great many things about him. Nayzor tells Zen Aku that if he meets him in the forest then he help him and Zen Aku says that he will see.

The rangers make it back to the Animarium and ask Princess Shayla what it was they saw back in the city, as

Princess Shayla tells the rangers about Animus.

Taylor describes it as a Megazord which could speak. Princess Shayla tells that it was Animus, ancestor of the Wildzords, who fought in the battle of Animaria 3000 years ago. Princess Shayla says that she doesn't know why he would speak to Zen Aku as before he would only speak to the six Warriors. The rangers look confused and repeat six, as there is only five of them and before Princess Shayla had only mentioned five of their predecessors.


Toxica believes they can defeat the rangers.

At a football field Jindrax asks Toxica where the org is that they were expecting to meet as Toxica tells him that orgs are so undependable. Jindrax then ask what the plan is once he shows up as Toxica tells him that they can easily defeat the ranges as they are without their crystals and then she will be next in line for a promotion, as she sits on a chair and kicks her foot into the air with excitement. Jindrax looks out onto the field, saying that all he can see is a stupid lawnmower and a bunch of kids however the lawnmower suddenly transforms into Lawnmower Org, who chases away the children. Jindrax alerts Toxica that the org has arrived as the rangers then arrive also. Toxica says that she will take Cole and Taylor as they begin fighting. Jindrax takes Alyssa and Max and they battle also. Danny stands, asking why he wasn't picked, however Lawnmower Org approaches and tells him that they saved the best for him. Danny tells him to prepare as he begins kicking the grass however Lawnmower Org tells him to

Danny faces Lawnmower Org.

watch the lawn as Danny apologises and begins placing the grass back. Danny then realises what he's doing, feels stupid, and then runs at him with his axe. Lawnmower Org blasts him to the ground and prepares to strike again however Max and Alyssa (hitting over Jindrax and Toxica on their way) jump over and move Danny out the way of the strike. Cole and Taylor then run over and strike Lawnmower Org as he tells them to watch the lawn. Toxica and Jindrax run over, as Toxica tells him to forget about the lawn, they face the rangers as Cole aims his blaster at them however the rangers are all blasted over by the blade of Zen Aku. They all turn to see Zen Aku approaching and Jindrax comments that he's interfering as usual and that they had the rangers right where they

Zen Aku destroys Lawnmower Org.

wanted them. Lawnmower Org runs over to Zen Aku and tells him to move off his turf however Zen Aku tells him that this is his battle. Lawnmower Org adds that it's his lawn however Zen Aku then destroys him with his blade. Toxica asks what he is doing as Jindrax tells him that it was a fellow org. Zen Aku looks surprised and says he doesn't know what came over him but something deep down made him do it. Zen Aku turns to leave, Taylor asks why he attacked the org and Zen Aku tells her not to misunderstand as he wasn't helping them, before leaving.

Zen Aku is waiting in the woods for Nayzor, as he wonders what possessed

Nayzor plants the bug in Zen Aku's head.

him to attack his own kind. Nayzor suddenly appears and throws his fan at Zen Aku however he dodges it and grabs Nayzor, telling him that he has had enough of his games. Nayzor assures him that he has come only for the purpose of telling him everything. Zen Aku tells him to begin and throws him back. Nayzor then takes out a small bottle from his pocket, saying all Zen Aku's secrets lie inside. Zen Aku asks what it is when suddenly Toxica and Jindrax run out and grab Zen Aku, so he is unable to move. Nayzor tells Zen Aku that there is something's he does not need to remember and that he will ensure that he doesn't, as he opens the bottle a bug flies out and enters Zen Aku's head. Zen Aku grabs his head and falls to the ground in pain as the bug flies around inside him.

On the Animarium Max says how strange it is that Zen Aku cared for the wolf cub and can control zords. Princess

The rangers try talking to Zen Aku.

Shayla then adds that she saw him bleed which confuses the rangers more as orgs cannot. Taylor then suggests that Zen Aku is human as Princess Shayla gasps, saying that he can't be.

Zen Aku scares away some citizens of Turtle Cove as the rangers appears. Cole tells him that they came here to talk and don't want to fight as Taylor tells him that he isn't an org. Zen Aku thinks about what they are saying however suddenly the bug in his head causes him to fall to the ground and look up in anger, shouting that he has had enough of their lies as he is an org and nothing like them. Alyssa shouts that he must believe them but Zen Aku says he will only believe what he has always believed, that the rangers are his enemies. Zen Aku then jumps at Cole, blasting him to the ground. Cole tells him that they don't have to do this however Zen Aku attacks him again, stating that humans are weak whereas he is not.

Princess Shayla, watching from the Animarium, asks herself if it is possible.

Zen Aku continues to blast around the rangers, ignoring Cole's claims that he isn't who he thinks he is.

Act IVEdit

Zen Aku approaches, the injured, Danny with his weapon however Max stands between them. Zen Aku warns

Animus appears.

him to move otherwise Max will be destroyed too but Max tells him that it's a sacrifice he is willing to make for his best friend. Zen Aku hits him to the ground and prepares to strike them both when Animus suddenly appears in the sky again. Animus urges Zen Aku to remember and introduces himself as the lord of the Wildzords. Zen Aku asks what he can tell him about himself however stops when the bug in his head causes him to fall in pain, and then state that he knows everything about himself and that he is an Org. Animus then disappears again.

On the Animarium Princess Shayla utters, "Merrick".

Next Time On Power Rangers Wild ForceEdit

  • Max says that if they discover the power of the wolf mask then they can break the curse.
  • Zen Aku says that with the full moon his powers will be at their strongest.
  • The moon is covered and Zen Aku transforms into his human form as Taylor says the moon gives him his power.

("The Ancient Warrior")