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Danny was the Black Ranger of the Wild Force Rangers.


Early LifeEdit

When the rangers are chasing Turbine Org on the roof-tops Danny fails to continue due to his fear of heights however Max stays behind to help him. ("Never Give Up")

Wild ForceEdit

As the rangers struggle to defeat the Orgs they believe they require a fifth ranger and they find Cole.("Lionheart")

Toxica and Jindrax appear and bring a defeated Org back to life. The rangers learn how to combine their Zords to form the Megaozrd in order to defeat it. ("Darkness Awakening")

As Taylor gets in trouble the rangers go to save her and Cole teaches them that temawork is the only needed rule. ("Click, Click Zoom")!

Max tells Danny that they should check out an old temple, outisde of Turtle Cove, however Danny blows Max off for Kendall. Max is furstrated and goes alone however is trapped by Bell Org. Danny manages to save Max by overcoming his fear of heights. Dany then goes back to Kendall with a note, explaining how he feels, however he gets to nervous and hides the note, deciding not to give it to her. However after he leaves Kendall find the note and she smiles as she reads it.("Never Give Up")

When Alyssa finds a mysterious cavern she and the other rangers take Princess Shayla down to investigate it. However Princess Shayla is kidnapped by Tire Org and as the rangers struggle to catch him they are given help in the form of new Motorbikes. They use the motorbikes to save Princess Shyala. The mysterious cavern turns out to be a new Wild Zord for Alyssa, the Elephant Zord. ("Ancient Awakening")

As Max is tired of being made fun of for being a kid he throws a wish into the Turtle Cove lake for the other rangers to have more respect for him. However his bottle is crushed by Ship Org who the rangers need the Giraffe Wild Zord to defeat. As Max stands disapointed at the lake Danny arrives and gives him another bottle. The two then bump fists and smile at each other. ("Wishes on the Water")

When Cell Phone Org places a field over Turtle Cove which prevents the rangers from morphing they struggle to fight him. However the new Bear Wild Zords help them. ("Bear Necessities")