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Richard Evans was a minor character in Power Rangers Wild Force.


Wild ForceEdit

Cole's Mother and Father were chased in the Amazon by Master Org. They hid in a tent where Cole's Mother hid Cole however Master Org found them. Cole's Father stayed and told his wife to run as Master Org killed him but giving his wife a running start. ("Soul Searching")

Richard Evans, along with his wife Elizabeth, baby son Cole and their colleague Dr. Viktor Adler were presumed dead by Turtle Cove by a tragic accident in the Amazonian Jungle and had empty tombstones in Turtle Cove Cementery, which were visited twenty years later by his son Cole, who was heartbroken to think that he came a long way to find his parents, only to find out that they were dead, however Taylor gave him hope by pointing that Cole was also presumed dead and maybe his parents were lost in the jungle.("Secrets and Lies")

Master Org reassumed his human identity as Dr. Viktor Adler, to lure the rangers and capture them in an abandoned laboratory. There, Master Org revealed to Cole, that he was Viktor Adler and that he was who destroyed his parents in revenge for the pain they unknowingly caused him, nearly twenty years ago, he, Richard and Elizabeth were close friends and studied together in Turtle Cove University and they dedicated themselves to prove the existence of Animaria, soon Viktor fell in love with Elizabeth, only to find out that Richard beated him by proposing to her before he could. Which made Viktor jealous and resentful to Richard for "stealing" her, a feeling which increased when Elizabeth became pregnant with their son Cole and Richard had the spotlight in a press conference about the existence of Animaria. Later the four went to the Amazonian jungle to find evidence of the existence of Animaria, where they found four strange seeds, which Viktor identified as the remains of the Master Org, he picked and placed them in a capsule and promised to destroy them, but later he, resentful of Richard and Elizabeth's happiness, ate the seeds and became the second Master Org, and used his new powers to murder his two companions but never found Cole. Later Cole went to his parents' gravestones, now knowing for sure that his parents are truly dead and to tell them, they were right about the existence of Animaria and in a way, he and his friends are continuing their work and placed flowers in the gravestones.("The Master's Last Stand")