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Alyssa was the White Ranger of the Wild Force Rangers.


As the rangers struggle to defeat the Orgs they believe they require a fifth ranger and they find Cole.("Lionheart")

Toxica and Jindrax appear and bring a defeated Org back to life. The rangers learn how to combine their Zords to form the Megaozrd in order to defeat it. ("Darkness Awakening")

As Taylor gets in trouble the rangers go to save her and Cole teaches them that temawork is the only needed rule. ("Click, Click Zoom")

When Max gets in trouble with Bell Org the rangers go to help him. ("Never Give Up")

Alyssa attends one of her archaeology, during which she hears a mysterious noise and fidns a strange cavern. She takes Princess Shayla to investigate however she is captured by Tire Org. The rangers chase after him however struggle to keep up until they get help in the forms of new Motorbike. With the motorbikes the rangers chase Tire Org and Alyssa manages to save the Princess. They make it to the cavern where Master Org is waiting and tries to force Princess Shayla into opening the power. Princess Shayla explains that only the choosen protector of the power can open it which turns out to be Alyssa who recieves the power, an Elephant Wild Zord. ("Ancient Awakening")

When the rangers struggle againt Ship Org they recieve more help as Max gains a new Wild Zord, the Giraffe Zord. ("Wishes on the Water")

When Cell Phone Org places a field over Turtle Cove which prevents the rangers from morphing they struggle to fight him. However the new Bear Wild Zords help them. ("Bear Necessities")